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If you have large and medium-sized printing plant technology or management related work experience, regardless of whether you have a suitable job at present, you are welcome to submit your resume. If there is no suitable position, your information will be put into our talent pool. If you have a job vacancy, you will be contacted immediately.


In order to facilitate the selection of materials, please indicate in your resume the work content and personal ability of your position. In addition, please indicate the name and grade of the certificate if you have the relevant documents. Anything that is not specified will directly affect the recruitment efficiency of our company.


Please leave us with a long-term and effective contact method for us to contact. If you are not suitable, we will contact you in time; if the position is temporarily filled, we will save your information to our talent pool.


All wages and salaries must be negotiable. Our company will select the right talents to join our company with the principle of attaching importance to talents and talents. We welcome all job seekers to submit resumes to our company.


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