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◆ Implement a five-day and eight-hour work system.

◆ Sign labor contracts in accordance with national regulations and purchase social insurance.

◆ In addition to enjoying the statutory holidays prescribed by the state, there are also marriage leave, maternity leave, and paid annual leave.

◆The package is packaged and eaten, the house is spacious, and there is a separate toilet. The standard is 3 dishes and 1 soup to 5 dishes and 1 soup.

◆The company has an independent park, beautiful environment and complete supporting facilities, including various
   sports venues, recreational facilities, Internet cafes, shopping malls, etc.

◆ There are full attendance awards, seniority allowances, annual salary adjustments, and year-end bonuses.

◆ There is a public tour, there is a shuttle bus to and from the park.

◆ Company-funded on-the-job training, online business school and academic education.


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